Thursday, October 3, 2013

Top ideas to make Fairfax County better for bicycling

On our Twitter feed we asked the following question: "What are your top ideas to make @fairfaxcounty better for #bicycling? Tweet them with the #BikeFFX tag!" Here are some of the responses:
  • More road diets. Four lane roads encourage speeding and endanger lives.
  • Remove 45mph speeds through dense urban regions (Westpark Dr)(Intx Dr)(Jones Branch Dr).
  • Add safe bike/ped crossings over the beltway, specifically: Little River Tpke and Hwy 50.
  • No more piecemeal dead end bike paths in unincorporated areas like Oak Hill. It forces bikers onto dangerous roads.
  • Have more dedicated bike lanes that actually meets other bike lanes instead of terminating. Plus more bike lanes in Centreville.
  • Street sweeping: wide right lanes are nice but if full of glass/debris then still not useful
  • NOVA campus shud have been more than enuf justification to improve LRTpk bridge during recent reconst.
  • Adding @bikeshare stations to the Metro/VRE stations and major destinations. (Tysons, Reston Town Center, GMU, etc).
  • Please build a safe pedestrian route going east from West Ox Road to Fairfax via Rt 50.
  • Stop the bogus "foot down at stop signs" traffic tickets.
See also the many good Ideas for Moving Forward from participants to the 2012 Fairfax Bike Summit. Register now for the 2013 Fairfax Bike Summit.

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Perhaps speed limit signs on some of the bigger downhills too. I'm routinely passed by people doing 50+ mph on Belle View Blvd (it's Beacon Hill Rd right before the hill begins). I know they're going that fast because I often hit 35-40mph myself and have to brake. The speed limit there, at least as posted going up the hill, is 25mph. The only enforcement I see is at the intersection with Ft. Hunt Rd where they look for people running the lights. I just can't figure out how drivers could even come remotely close to passing me given the fact that I'm even speeding there and subject to a ticket.

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