Tuesday, August 27, 2013

W&OD Trail Bollards didn't last long

The flexible bollards placed in the center of the W&OD Trail at the intersection of the Trail and Maple Ave/Route 123 in Vienna are gone (the one in the photo is no longer lying there). All that remains is the black base that is now a hazard for trail users. The bollards were installed in late July/early August and lasted less than a month. We're not big fans of bollards on trails. These were installed because of recent incidents of motorists driving onto the trail.

We think better signage is needed. When we recently rode trails in Washington and Idaho we saw large NO MOTORIZED VEHICLES signs at many of the trail intersections. As you can see from the photo, there is no obvious signage stating that no vehicles are allowed. Apparently more than one motorist has turned onto the trail entrance in the photo thinking it is the Whole Foods Market entrance.

We hope a better solution is found and at a minimum, that the black bases are removed.

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Agree, those plastic bollard bases are a wipeout waiting to happen.

One thing that might help at this location is if the crosswalk looked more like, um, a crosswalk. Yes, there's a strip of concrete where the trail goes across, but there are no white crosswalk markings. Yes, there are tiny little signs that say "DO NOT BLOCK CROSSWALK" but the word "crosswalk" is so painfully small that it doesn't catch people's attention. How about a big yellow sign between the signal heads that says "CROSSWALK" in big letters? Or how about "W&OD TRAIL"? Or how about a big yellow diamond-shaped sign with a picture of a bike?

These are the kinds of things that might make it look different than the entrance to Whole Foods, imho.

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