Friday, August 30, 2013

School starts on Tuesday - Be Safe

For most Fairfax County students, Tuesday, September 3 is the start of another school year. I live near three schools and have enjoyed the peace and quiet of summer, but that will come to an end on Tuesday. If you're driving, be extra careful next week as there will be kids out walking and biking to school. If you drive your children to school, consider walking or biking with them. The fewer parents driving kids to school the less congestion and air pollution we'll have.

Fairfax County Police are reminding everyone to pay attention to kids and traffic laws.

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As a parent of one of those kids, I appreciate this reminder!

And another reminder, texting while driving is now a primary offense in Virginia.
In contrast I got a mailing from FFX Co. Sheriff's office that said, "Driving your kids to school? Come get a free child seat inspection..."
They should have mentioned that driving your kids to school is not as safe as riding the bus, walking or biking. It makes it more dangerous for everyone else. I saw a stat that said 50% of accidents within a mile of school involved a parent driving their children to school.
Note: Driving is a necessity for those who have SACC before school or are pupil placed.
Tom, I have a friend whose daughter is pupil placed into a Reston school but who lives in Herndon. She and her children ride daily, rain or shine, from Herndon to Reson and then home at the end of the day.

It is POSSIBLE to ride a bike in most cases even for SACC and pupil placement. Just like it is POSSIBLE to bike commute to work. One just has to decide how to accomplish it.

I agree that FCPS does not make it easy or come across as encouraging.

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