Sunday, November 4, 2012

Slow down, and pipe down

The Post has a good response to motorists who complain because they get caught driving at least 10 mph over the speed limit in DC: Slow down, and pipe down: Traffic scofflaws have no standing to object to candid cameras. Only the worst of the worst traffic offenders are ever caught speeding, and when they do they (and their enablers at AAA Mid Atlantic) complain about the unfairness of speed cameras (in typical Post fashion, the online headline is different that than the print headline). The Post has no sympathy for those drivers:
HERE’S AN IDEA for motorists who complain about having to pay the fines assessed by the District’s traffic cameras: Obey the laws. Driving the speed limit, stopping at red lights and not making prohibited right turns on red are the best defense against getting a ticket. More important, compliance with traffic laws—something indisputably boosted by these much-maligned cameras—enhances safety.



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