Thursday, October 11, 2012

W&OD Trail detour between Vienna and Reston

NVRPA is having the W&OD Trail repaved between Vienna and Reston. The trail in that location was damaged this summer when work was done to reinforce the banks of the stream adjacent to the trail. There is a short detour that follows the gravel trail parallel to the paved trail.

Two days ago when I was riding through that area I noticed two cyclists on road bikes with narrow tires ignoring the detour. The detour is there for a reason. It's a work area and there are conditions that are hazardous for cyclists. Workers don't need to spend their time worrying about inconsiderate cyclists interfering with their work. It likely delays the work and prolongs the time that the rest of us have to use the detour.

When I asked one cyclist why he didn't use the detour he said he didn't want to ride on the gravel. Well, we didn't want to ride there either but we respected the signs. It's selfish and inconsiderate to ignore the detour signs.


If road bikes can do this:

Then they can handle some gravel.

Just ride it, fellas. It won't break the bike.
See, people like the cyclists who wouldn't take the detour are exactly the kind of cyclists who make us all look bad. I have pretty white racing slicks and I'll go through the gravel with 'em. Geesh.

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