Friday, October 12, 2012

New bike lanes on Westpark Dr in Tysons

As part of the 495 Express Lanes (aka HOT lanes) project, the bridge on Westpark Dr over Route 123, that leads from Tysons Corner Center to Galleria Dr, was rebuilt. The bridge now has bike lanes and wide sidewalks giving cyclists and pedestrians much better access in that area.

We discovered the new bike lanes today after teaching a bike maintenance class at PwC, a major employer located on Tysons Blvd., within sight of the Westpark bridge. Our contact there uses the bridge on her commute to work and she pointed out the new lanes. We knew they were planned but they hadn't been stripped the last time we rode there.
Westpark Dr. bike lanes

As you can see from the photo on the left, there is a transition from the sidepath to the bike lane. This is on the north side. I didn't see any transition for those cyclists on the south side approaching the sidepath from the other direction. I assume they would cross at the crosswalk and somehow enter the trail.

Unfortunately the trail comes to an abrupt end not far away. It is planned to extend all the way to the bike lanes adjacent to the Towers Crescent (Shopping Bag) building, but probably not until there is more construction on the mixed use development planned for this area.

Sidepath on Tysons Ring Road
Tysons is slowing becoming more bike-friendly. As we mentioned earlier this week, there are now bike facilities on the Route 7 bridge over the Beltway, also a result of the 495 Express Lanes construction. Many more people will ride in this area if conditions continue to improve.

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I've actually seen these two but didn't realize that these were bike lanes. Glad to hear it. I'll probably springing for a bike next year assuming sequestration/fiscal cliff doesn't result in me being unemployed.

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