Saturday, August 11, 2012

Bikeyface - Graphic bike blog

Bikeyface is a bike cartoon blog by artist Bekka Wright.
"I’m an ordinary bike commuter in Boston who works at the Massachusetts College of Art and Design. I’m also a fine artist, writer, and entrepreneur.

I bike or walk everywhere- to work, to run errands, get to my studio to paint, or to go out to cultural/social events. Biking is not only a practical way to get around the city, it is an enjoyable and refreshing way to experience a community.

I started a bike blog in June 2011 when I moved to Boston, sold my car, and was learning my way around Boston. It wasn’t meant to be a cartoon blog at first but more of a personal blog about my 2-wheeled adventures. But I’ve always drawn pictures and it naturally evolved into a web comic. In the fall of 2011 I rebranded the blog as “Bikeyface.”

I want Bikeyface to be as fun and enjoyable as biking. Sometimes it’s easy to get frustrated about how much needs to change on our city streets. But ultimately there is a reason people bike in spite of it all. That spirit is what I want to capture."
Each posting contains a drawing depicting some bike-related situation, often accompanied by a brief commentary. The latest entry is Jaybikers:
The other day I was waiting at a red light while a flood cyclists passed by me in every direction. It was a particularly long red, and car traffic was lower than normal. And I’m glad there has been such and increase in biking. However I witnessed several close calls because no one was operating by the same set of rules:

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