Friday, October 21, 2011

Vienna Police have large collection of found bicycles

According to the article Vienna Police Have Large Collection of Stolen Bicycles
Police in Vienna, Virginia say they have recovered quite a few stolen bikes. But no one has come forward to claim them. The bikes have generally been found around town, recovered by an officer and then stored at Vienna Police Heaquarters.

A recovery database for stolen bike exists, but police can’t track down the owners if they have not contacted police or registered the serial number. In such cases, the bike is placed into storage.

Police now have what they describe as "a large number of unclaimed bicycles.”

They’re hoping the rightful owners will come and pick them up. But as one might expect, there is a decided emphasis on “rightful.”
According to Officer Barker, most of the bikes were picked up after someone reported an abandoned bike, so perhaps the operative word should be "abandoned" bikes rather than "stolen." I would guess most of the bikes are in poor condition. If the bikes are not claimed, they will be donated as required by law.

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