Tuesday, October 11, 2011

GMU recognized as Bicycle Friendly University

Bruce Wright (FABB) and Josh Cantor
(GMU Trans. Office) at Bike to Mason Day this year
George Mason University was recently recognized for the many bike-friendly improvements they are making. The League of American Bicyclists awarded them the Bronze level of Bicycle Friendly University. Congratulations GMU! The TransportationSustainability, and Human Resources offices have worked hard to encourage more students, faculty, and staff to go by bike. It's a challenge given that many students also work full or part time and often travel longer distances than students at other campuses.

GMU has held Bike to Mason Day for the past several years. This year they held regular Bike to Campus days coordinated by the bicycle program. The next event is scheduled for tomorrow Oct. 12. They are also holding bike classes and we'll be teaching a bicycle safety class as part of the bike to campus event.

Staff can apply for the bicycle benefit and receive $20/month toward purchase of bike supplies and maintenance. Patriot Circle now has bike lanes or shared lane markings on most of the loop. Shared lane markings were recently striped on George Mason Blvd leading to campus. Covered bike parking with inverted U racks are available in many locations.

Now the challenge is to get more students, faculty, and staff to consider using bikes for transportation. It's a slow culture shift, but it's happening.

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It's great that GMU is doing so much for cyclists, but riding along Route 123 remains a challenge. Hopefully the university will promote the use of the 15M Metrobus which has bike racks and runs from Tysons Corner through Vienna and Oakton on Route 123 directly to the GMU campus. Service on the 15M is minimal (only during rush hours), so the school should be proactive in trying to get expanded service hours on the route.

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