Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Winter cycling article in Reston Patch

Some people ride throughout the year. In N. Va. there aren't that many days when snow covers the roads and trails, and by dressing properly, it's pretty easy to continue riding in the winter. For more on winter riding, see the Reston Patch article For Some Cyclists, It Is Always a Good Day to Ride:
There is no coffee cup or Kindle to get Burton Griffith thorough his 45-minute commute from North Reston to Tyson's Corner five days a week.

That is because Griffith, a 32-year-old government contractor, gets there by bicycle. Hot day, cold day, he almost always rides. He rode to work after last winter's huge snowstorms, using special ice tires to get there. He rode to work this week, when it was single digits outside.

Griffith says he made a conscious choice about transportation when he moved to the area from San Francisco three years ago. He and his wife have one car.

"It is a lifestyle choice," he says. "So if I wake up, and it is really cold, there is no really easy other option of getting to work."

Grifith says he commutes by bike for several reasons - he gets exercise while commuting, and being outdoors helps him clear his head before and after a day at the office. And there is less frustration on two wheels than dealing with traffic and angry drivers on four.

"We have the ability to make choices," he said. "This is a choice you can make if you are not happy with your commute."
What you don't see in the photo above, of my wife Kerie and I, are my front panniers. I usually have them on the rear but when it's set up for using my trailer, I switch the bags to the front.

Update: We've corrected the link to the article above. Previously it pointed to just the photo, not the article.

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