Saturday, January 29, 2011

Passage of Virginia House bill would increase sprawl

Earlier we mentioned a study that estimated how much time commuters spend stuck in traffic. The study, based on traditional transportation modeling, does not take into account the impact of sprawl on commuting times. If we build more roads, we'll have more sprawl and guess what, we'll spend more time stuck in traffic.

According to the Greater Greater Washington article Anti-livability bill passes Virginia House committee, "HB1998 would make it state law to base transportation decisions on traditional traffic models, which consider only the fast movement of cars and nothing about how closely people live to their jobs, the relative value of transit versus roads, safe movement of pedestrians and cyclists, or any other factors."

The road lobby, supported by real estate and construction industries, loves the bill and is lobbying hard to get it passed.We think it's a bad bill and have written to our House Delegate asking him to oppose the bill. Contact your legislator and ask them to oppose this bill. See more about these bills at GGW.

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