Friday, January 21, 2011

Open season on the W&OD Trail (again)

On Thursday, January 27 the W&OD Trail will be closed from 5pm to 5am on the 28th. Fairfax County will be doing "wildlife management," i.e. shooting deer, along the Trail between Vienna and Hunter Mill Rd. This is the second such "deer culling" operation; the first was on Dec. 2. The sign on the right is posted just east of Hunter Mill Rd. There's also an electronic sign on Hunter Mill Rd just before the trail saying "Caution: Deer Crossing." Maybe the sign will finally get motorists to stop for trail users too.

Actually we've noticed that motorists are getting much better at stopping for trail users at this location. As long as you're careful, you can usually get through the intersection within a few seconds vs. having a traffic signal where you're forced to push a button and wait for the signal to change. Personally we think it works better for everyone without a light.

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