Saturday, January 22, 2011

Books and Bikes

Most of the bike people I know are what I would call book people as well, people who read books and probably like to browse bookstores. That's a gross generalization but I'll make it anyway, especially in light of a recent NPR story about bookstore owners who recently visited Revolution Cycles in Arlington.
Bicycles and books: One exercises the body, the other the mind. Despite those obvious differences, a group of booksellers meeting this week in Washington, D.C., visited a local bike shop. The point of the trip: to find out what they had in common. NPR's Lynn Neary joined the tour.

LYNN NEARY: From a sales perspective, Mike Hammanwright says, books and bikes are not as different as you might think. Both attract discerning customers who care deeply about the products they are buying.

Mr. MIKE HAMMANWRIGHT (President and Chief Executive Officer, Revolution Cycles): To most consumers, our product is a passion product. Well, I think that's true of books, as well. I think people who love to read, they have a passion for books.

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