Friday, October 1, 2010

Wakefield bridge reopening delayed

Here's the latest on the Wakefield bike/ped bridge construction:
Because of the weather, the HOT lanes project team will raise the Wakefield Park bridge Friday and Saturday. The tie in work to match the bridge with the temporary access ramp will occur Monday and Tuesday. The bike/ped bridge will either reopen late Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. We will post new signs on the bridge once the rain stops.
Apparently signs announcing the recent closure were only posted on the bridge and not at the park entrance as we had requested. They were also only in English. We'll ask again that signs be posted on routes leading up to the bridge.

If we hear any more news we'll post it here. If you hear other news, please leave a comment.

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I went over the bridge this morning. It has been raised but the permanent ramp has not yet been constructed, so maybe there will be another closure.
Tom, Thanks for that update. If you hear of an upcoming closing please let use know. -Bruce

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