Saturday, October 16, 2010

Recent bike-related news

We read a number of bike and smart growth blogs. After returning from a trip to Vermont, where we had some glorious weather and great bike riding, it took a while to get caught up on our reading. Below are a number of links we found that might be of interest:
  • Dulles Airport must reduce its carbon "toeprint"—One way would be to develop a bike trail along the Dulles Toll Rd that would allow some of the 36,000 people who work there to go by bike. From GreaterGreaterWashington.
  • "Why do we allow these deaths to occur?" - A Q&A with Peter Jacobsen—Jacobsen is the researcher behind the widely regarded and influential "Safety in Numbers" concept. He is now involved with the "Vision Zero" traffic safety philosophy. From Bike Portland.
  • Car Free City is a Ride Lexington County Takes on a Bike—Formerly known as Bicycle City, Car Free City is being developed in Gaston, SC, located just south of Columbia. Originally from Bike Portland.
  • Kiwi commuters go green with new bike monorail—Google recently invested in this new pedal-powered transportation system, known as the Shweeb. Some have said it could be used in Tysons as another way to get around.
  • The Invisible Cyclists of Los Angeles—Includes a section titled "Less Money = Less Choice + More Danger." FABB plans to hold bike light giveaways this Fall to reach out so those who depend on bikes for transportation and often ride at night without lights. Originally from Bike Portland.
  • Plan to reduce sprawl will boost health, environment—"Oil dependency, climate change and health-care costs are but three of a growing list of ills, rapidly becoming crises, that give us reason to look again at how we build our communities and what policy can do about it. American suburbanization did not happen by accident; it was heavily subsidized by federal and state dollars, most powerfully in the form of highway funds. The first step to a solution is to reduce incentives for sprawl, including new highways or highway lanes. If we have learned one thing from the suburban experiment, it is that you can't grow a green economy on blacktop." From the Washington Post.

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