Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Arlington BAC meeting summary

TheWashCycle posted a summary of the August Arlington Bicycle Advisory Committee meeting. Items of interest include:

Arlington Co Police Department's Sgt. John Ravinaskas of Arlington Enforcement and Bikes: He summarized recent citations to cyclists and answered questions about cyclists getting points on their licenses and access to crash reports. "He will provide further data, from his crime analyst, responding to various questions raised by BAC members, including the number of accidents caused by cars hitting bikes.

Discussion continued on how cyclists are treated in courts and if cyclists can receive points on their license. Sgt. Ravinaskas responded that it depends on how the clerk codes the citation and that cyclists should not receive points on their license. If they do, the clerk coded it wrong so it is important to check the transcripts.

A BAC member inquired about a recent accident on Lee and Cleveland involving a cyclist's death and that the police report was not accessible. Sgt. Ravinaskas responded that unless one is involved in the accident, there is no access to the report, as it is not public information."

David Goodman's staff report: "The county will be hiring a consultant to assess the bike routing in the Columbia Pike area. Furthermore, VDOT has provided them with their preliminary paving plan for 2011 which includes Glebe Road from Military to Lee Highway.

Dave Patton reported that there will be an in-house meeting regarding sharrows and their use. He also noted that the Pentagon’s support of the Boundary Channel Drive project remains an open issue."

FABB will hold our monthly meeting tomorrow (Wed.) night at 7:30pm at Patrick Henry Library in Vienna.



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