Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cyclist injured at Reston Triathlon

[Update: We've modified the title of this post. The cyclist was not "critically" injured. He was taken to the hospital was diagnosed as suffering a concussion. He's been released from the hospital and is recovering at home.]

This morning we heard sirens outside our window. We live near South Lakes HS where participants in the Reston Triathlon end their bike ride and begin the run portion of the event. Apparently a motorist pulled out into the road as a cyclist was racing down the street. The cyclist collided with the car and, after lying immobile in the road for a long time, was taken away by ambulance. Traffic is allowed on the roads during the event.

Update: See the comments below. Attorney Doug Landau of, provides more information about the injured cyclist. Fortunately Dr. Allen Delaney of Commonwealth Orthopedics was at the scene and able to help. We'll try to find out more about the cyclist's condition.

Update: According to the Reston Triathlon race director, the cyclist involved in the bike crash suffered a concussion but has been released from the hospital and is recovering at home. We hope for a rapid recovery.

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Do you have a source or first hand knowledge of the severity of the injuries? I was at the event and heard about the collision second-hand (and heard the sirens in the distance). I'm praying for any amount of good news to come out.
The crash occurred behind my house, so I saw the cyclist lying in the road. It appeared he could raise his arm but he wasn't moving much. A brace was placed around his neck before he was put into the ambulance. I'm hoping the reason he wasn't moving is because police, who were there right after it happened, likely told him to remain still. I've searched for more info but haven't heard anything yet.
Dr. Allen Delaney was on the scene before the rescue vehicles. The biker regained consciousness in the ambulance, I am told. See post at Thanks for reporting this. While volunteering Saturday, I saw safety meetings, course reviews and helmet inspections Saturday at SLHS. Hope the cyclist gets better quickly. Doug Landau
Please give me a call when you get a chance. The biker is recovering at INOVA Fairfax Hospital and sends thanks to all of the well wishers. Thanks, doug

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