Thursday, June 3, 2010

Washington Post interview with new WABA Executive Director

Bike group's chief seeks roadway camaraderie is the title of a Post article on Shane Farthing, the new WABA Executive Director.
What are your goals and priorities in taking over the regional organization?

Obviously, I think that safety is of paramount importance to cyclists. So WABA will continue, and hopefully expand, its work to ensure bicycle-friendly infrastructure that allows motorists, cyclists and pedestrians to share the public right-of-way with minimal conflict. And WABA will also work to ensure that laws are properly applied to cyclists. In some cases, that may mean tweaking laws that may have been written from a car-centric viewpoint so that they can be safely and sensibly applied to bicycles. And in all cases, it means proper and fair enforcement of those laws for all parties sharing the public right-of-way.

But in addition to the overarching goal of safety, my primary organizational goal is to expand WABA's outreach and influence -- both geographically and demographically—to ensure that the organization truly represents the needs of the region's larger cycling community, from occasional recreational riders, to daily commuters, to weekend racers. The cycling community is a diverse one, and I want to ensure that WABA's membership and advocacy reflect that diversity.
We look forward to working with Shane to ensure WABA represents the needs of Fairfax cyclists.



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