Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Encouraging more Federal employees to use bicycles

Implementing a Successful Bicycle and Active Commuting Program in the Washington, DC Metro Area is the title of a new publication prepared by the Office of the Federal Environmental Executive with help from the Inter-Agency Task Force on Bicycling and Active Transportation. The main goal is reduction of greenhouse gas emissions:
Bicycling is a highly efficient mode of transportation, providing a wide range of benefits, including energy conservation, improved air quality, reduction in costs, and improved personal health. To implement the Administration's goal of establishing a clean energy economy, Federal agencies should pursue efforts to establish and support bicycling and other active commuting and travel at Federal facilities.

Experience at various levels of Government has shown that appropriate public facilities and programs result in more people bicycling, walking and using other active forms of transportation. Several Federal agencies in the Washington, D.C. area have already taken steps to promote cycling; demonstrating that access for employees and visitors who bicycle can be fully compatible with agency objectives, even those with high security imperatives.

This document outlines the necessary steps for cost-effective creation of a bicycle-friendly environment for employees at and visitors to Federal facilities. By taking these steps, agencies can expect increases in active transportation by employees and visitors alike, yielding a multitude of benefits to the Government and the broader community.
If you work for a Federal agency and need better bicycle facilities such as better bike parking, shower and locker facilities, bicycles for using for short official business travel, this document should help. There is also information about how your agency can provide the transportation fringe benefit for bicycle commuters:
In August 2009, the Government Accountability Office issued a concurrence decision that Federal agencies could provide the bicycle commuter benefit.
Sections include information on Policy, Infrastructure, Encouragement, Education, and Evaluation.

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