Friday, June 18, 2010

Arlington bike count data available

Arlington County is using infrared sensors to count bicyclists on the Custis Trail. The sensor is located at Lee Hwy/I-66 intersection just outside Rosslyn. It's the start of the long downhill section heading into Rosslyn that is a combination of wide sidewalks and asphalt trail. There were 40,000 bicycle trips on this section of the trail in May. According to CommuterPageBlog, "The counter is located here and has the ability to distinguish between pedestrians and bicyclists by means of infrared and in-ground technology. Furthermore, this 24/7 counter can track the time of day trips are made and breaks the final report down into 15 minute increments. Arlington County's Bicycle and Pedestrian Planner, David Patton, manages the counters and provides us with monthly numbers."

Bike to Work Day shows up as a spike in the data with the highest daily total. The four lowest counts coincide with cold and/or wet days. This is excellent data that will be valuable in the future for showing changes in bicycle use. Fairfax should be implementing a similar system. Unfortunately the counts conducted by VDOT the last few years were discontinued due to budget cuts.

(From The WashCycle)

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