Monday, April 26, 2010

Cyclist responds to Fauquier anti-bike letter

As we reported earlier, a very anti-bicycle letter appeared recently in the Fauquier Times-Democrat, Cyclists make roads more dangerous. Catherine Goodrum, a Warrenton cyclist, recently responded with a very good follow-up letter in the same paper:
In his attempt to portray cyclists as road-clogging scofflaws ("Cyclists make roads more dangerous," April 14), Mr. Ward Rowe reveals himself as one of those uninformed motorists who feel that cyclists have no rights. His prejudices and behavior behind the wheel will only serve to endanger all those who share the road with him, - whether they use autos, bicycles, motorcycles or mopeds.

I encourage Mr. Rowe and others who are like-minded to familiarize themselves with the Virginia vehicle laws regulating bicycling on Virginia's public roads. (
Read the entire letter.

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Good job by Ms. Goodrum. She addresses all the inaccuracies and assertions of the original letter as well as calling the writer on his behavior behind the wheel.

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