Monday, December 28, 2009

10 Mistakes that Can Derail Your Bike Injury Case

Doug Landau is a personal injury attorney who handles many bicycle cases. He handled the case of eight cyclists (the MS-8) who were ticketed by Loudoun County police for not stopping at a stop sign during an MS ride this summer.

He recently published 10 Mistakes that Can Derail Your Bike Injury Case, a book about bicycle crashes, how to avoid them, and what to do when they happen. The book is available as a free download (click on the Download link under Add to Cart) or as a $12 trade paperback. We've downloaded the book and look forward to reading it.

His list of 10 mistakes: 1. Being Unprepared, 2. Failing To Get Help, 3. Not Having Any Witnesses, 4. Not Having Any Evidence, 5. Not Contacting The Authorities, 6. Failing To Follow Up, 7. Not Having "Show & Tell", 8. Failing To Document, 9. Talking Too Much…, and 10. Losing Track Of Time.

Doug's office is located in Herndon, across from Zeffirelli's restaurant, not far from the W&OD Trail.

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This seems like one of those things that you hope you would never need, but could be a huge help if you ever do. Plus he is local..

As I was reading through the book, I was thinking not only in terms of what would happen if I had an accident, but what I should do if I were to witness an accident, or for that matter even come across someone who is injured. The victim might not be able to take pictures for themselves, for example...
Another good source for this kind of information is the book Bicycling and the Law by Bob Mionske.
Great job Doug! This is a wonderful resource. I humbly propose the following post from my blog, The Chicago Bicycle Advocate, as an additional source of information:

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