Monday, June 8, 2009

Fairfax County drops aggressive driver report form

Due to budget cuts, Fairfax County has stopped collecting Aggressive Driver reports on the web. In the past we have frequently reported aggressive drivers using the form. If a motorist passes too close, yells at me, or otherwise harasses me in a non-life threatening manner, they got reported.

Today a motorist passed me on the left just before an intersection, then turned right directly in front of me. I had to make an evasive quick turn; otherwise I would have collided with the truck (it's a good think I took the LAB Road 1 course (now called Traffic Skills 101) not long ago and practiced that maneuver). I noticed the tag number and later tried to report the incident online. The link was broken.

When I reported the broken link I was told that because of budget cuts, the service is no longer provided. I can't imagine it cost much to collect the reports and send letters to owners of the vehicles, but there most have been some small cost that is no longer incurred. I was told that people who want to report aggressive drivers should either call 911 or call the non-emergency number, 703-691-2131. I called the non-emergency number and someone courteously took my information and said they would see what could be done.

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You have to wonder what the county's real priorities are. Fairfax County's Web site still has a form that lets you complain about grass being too high but threaten a pedestrian or cyclist. Nah, that doesn't matter. We're just second class citizens.

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