Monday, June 9, 2008

Obama unwinds on his bike

What does the new Democratic candidate for president do after one of the longest primary battles in history? He goes for a bike ride with his family. According to the AP news item Obama family joins neighbors for a lake shore bicycle ride, Senator Obama and family went for a ride along the Chicago lake shore.

In a related story, the president and CEO of the bicycle component company SRAM will hold a fundraiser for Obama. “the event’s goal is to introduce Obama to industry leaders and to discuss cycling’s positive impact on health, energy policy, transportation issues and the environment.”


I just got the Fairfax County Bicycle Map. I was wondering how can Blake Lane (or Blake Lane Sidepath) be marked with a green line (trail) as well as "less preferred street/road" (dotted red). This is confusing, does this mean they're encouraging bicycling on the very narrow and slim sidewalk?
You are correct, the narrow sidewalks on either side of Blake Lane are shown as Primary trails. I think this is only because that section of Blake Lane is part of the Cross County Trail. The bike map advisory committee will meet on July 1 and there will be two of us from FABB in attendance. I'll bring your comment to the group. Personally I don't think the sidewalk should be shown as a bike route, and if it is, it should be shown as Secondary.
Thanks for your quick reply Bruce!
I think it is ridiculous that Blake Lane is considered to have a bike lane. It clearly has narrow sidewalks that are not any better than regular sidewalks. Does anyone know if they are planning on putting a bike lane there or any on Chain Bridge Road?

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