Friday, January 4, 2008

Sign blocking trail

The sign pictured here was placed in the middle of a paved trail on Sunrise Valley Dr. near the Herndon-Monroe Park and Ride lot. We discovered a sister sign on the other approach to the lot, blocking a sidewalk. As you can see from the photo, the sign completly blocks the trail. We were riding in the road, but I stopped to take the picture to show to the responsible party.

It turns out not to be so easy to find that person. I called the number that flashed on the sign, the Fairfax Connector office. They claimed to have no idea who put it there. I then contacted VDOT. They didn't know much about it either but agreed to try to move it off the trail. It's been two weeks and the signs are still blocking the trail and sidewalk.

This is one of many reasons we advocate for cycling on roads where possible. I have a large collection of pictures of signs, trucks, police cars, etc. blocking trails and sidewalks. Would VDOT completely block a road, in both directions, with a sign? Obviously not. There seems to be an ingrained attitude that people using trails and sidewalks aren't really part of the transportation system. What we need is a network of on-road bike facilities.

[Update 20 January 2008] The signs were finally moved. They not sit in the median, freeing up the trail and sidewalk.

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